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Courage is....

"A willingness and strength to do things that frighten us. To be brave in the face of hardship and harness the drive to keep moving forward and overcome our fears"

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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Talk for Change Therapy.

There are times when everyone can benefit from kind and compassionate help. Francesca provides a Counselling and Psychotherapy service that is approachable, professional, and ethical to support you through difficult times. Located in an attractive private office in central Princes Risborough and online and telephone counselling throughout the U.K.

Why Seek Psychotherapy or Counselling?

Psychotherapy and Counselling can help with times in your life when circumstances seem hard to bear.  It can support you to explore the impact of your past on current situations and beliefs and facilitate you to find your own solutions to problems through the non-judgmental, compassionate witnessing of another.

Therapy has capacity to be healing, uplifting, restoring and even fun.
You may be reading this because you are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or stuck in a pattern that keeps on repeating itself. If you are reading this it suggests you are experiencing a desire to discover yourself and perhaps to understand yourself more fully. You may be seeking support to manage life transitions such as the menopause, a relationship break-up, changes to your health or bereavement.

For many people experiencing mental health challenges talking therapies are proven to be as effective as medicine it can create long lasting positive changes, so you not only feel better but stay better.  

Areas we can help with

Working together

At Talk For Change Therapy Francesca is passionate about improving mental health and of finding ways of working that are tailored to suit clients individually. Her approach is based on building a meaningful therapeutic relationship in which you can begin to feel calmer and more at ease.

She facilitates this by drawing on theories of relational psychology, humanistic, cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic models of counselling to work as an Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor.  Francesca is an advocate of psycho-education, she believes in the empowerment of individuals to be better able to understand themselves and their experiences and develop healthy coping strategies.