Online Counselling

Online and telephone counselling has existed for several years however as we live and work in the post Covid19 pandemic, we have been faced with the challenge of changing how we might ordinarily do things and finding new ways to approach activities.

Online Therapy has many advantages, and has been found to be as effective as face-to-face counselling for CBT therapy for depression (The Lancet)

Working online with Francesca offers greater flexibility in scheduling, reduces the time needed to access appointments, and for some people being in familiar surroundings supports them to feel more comfortable.

Online therapy is offered through the secure platform, Zoom.  Zoom enables you to access counselling support from Francesca from anywhere in the UK. A Zoom invitation will be sent out to you for you to access your session.

Fees: £55.00 for 50 minutes or £35.00 for Student Counsellors

Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling is the process of talking to a therapist via the telephone to resolve mental health issues, feelings and life problems.  Sometimes physical hurdles that individuals face prevent them from travelling easily, sometimes illness makes accessing face to face therapy feel overwhelming and burdensome, in these situations the comfort of your home has real benefit in terms of accessing therapy.   Sometimes individuals feel overwhelmed with feelings of shyness and embarrassment and then telephone counselling can feel more confidential and discreet. Social anxiety can also find people unable to manage travelling or spending time in new environments and telephone counselling can support people to overcome these fears and reduce these anxieties.

As with all therapy the first step is to make contact, Francesca will then work with you to discuss what you are looking for from therapy and together complete an initial assessment.  If you decide that telephone therapy is of help to you then sessions will be arranged for you at a set time and day each week.  Telephone sessions are 45 minutes long.